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Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Nov 1857Virginia, USA I390102296568
2 Acors, George S  Abt 1880Virginia, USA I6937204570
3 Acors, Rose E  1890Virginia, USA I6937322150
4 Almond, Beauregard Hampton  04 Mar 1861Virginia, USA I392006804145
5 Almond, Corina  Abt 1840Virginia, USA I392006804246
6 Almond, Isabella  Abt 1848Virginia, USA I392006804249
7 Almond, Liston V  1843Virginia, USA I390161023694
8 Almond, Marion  Abt 1850Virginia, USA I392006804252
9 Almond, Mason B  Abt 1812Virginia, USA I392006803955
10 Almond, Welford B.  Abt 1854Virginia, USA I392006804141
11 Baxter, Ella Irene  04 Oct 1892Virginia, USA I24878080201
12 Baxter, George  Aug 1898Virginia, USA I24878080204
13 Baxter, Jane  Sep 1885Virginia, USA I24878080200
14 Baxter, Lillie  Oct 1896Virginia, USA I24878080203
15 Baxter, Willie  Sep 1894Virginia, USA I24878080202
16 Bellomy, Arthur  1867Virginia, USA I392012731295
17 Bellomy, Charles  May 1890Virginia, USA I392016180245
18 Bellomy, Henry Stephen  17 Jan 1896Virginia, USA I392012732072
19 Bellomy, Jane Catherine  1894Virginia, USA I392012732715
20 Bellomy, Rufus Wilson  18 Sep 1903Virginia, USA I392012732066
21 Bohannon, Philip  Abt 1889Virginia, USA I390092637235
22 Bowling, Lecy Arlene  05 Jul 1930Virginia, USA I6956796555
23 Bradshaw, Caroline  Feb Abt 1880Virginia, USA I392013259658
24 Britain, Elizabeth Adeline "Betsey"  28 Jan 1789Virginia, USA I392184892722
25 Bryam, Gertrude Fenton "Gertie"  27 Jul 1885Virginia, USA I392066690388
26 Chaney, Matthew Harris Jr.  Abt. 1861Virginia, USA I392045485395
27 Chewning, Dorcas  Abt 1905Virginia, USA I392018157910
28 Chewning, Eddie  Abt 1894Virginia, USA I392018157907
29 Chewning, Henry  Abt 1899Virginia, USA I392018157908
30 Chewning, Johnie  17 Jun 1903Virginia, USA I392018157909
31 Chewning, Lucy Jane  25 Apr 1896Virginia, USA I392018124813
32 Chewning, Raymond L  Abt 1908Virginia, USA I392018157912
33 Chewning, Theodore Adolphus  12 Feb 1873Virginia, USA I392018124775
34 Clark, Emily  May 1840Virginia, USA I6955774076
35 Cox, Sarah Isabell  Mar 1865Virginia, USA I392049220171
36 Day, Douglas  Jun 1881Virginia, USA I392322531772
37 Day, Emmet  Feb 1899Virginia, USA I392322531781
38 Day, Frona M  May 1897Virginia, USA I392322531780
39 Day, John  Aug 1887Virginia, USA I392322531775
40 Day, Julian  Feb 1894Virginia, USA I392322531779
41 Day, Lee R  Feb 1891Virginia, USA I392322531777
42 Day, Myrtle  Aug 1883Virginia, USA I392322531774
43 Dickinson, Ellie Lee  Abt 1886Virginia, USA I390102289851
44 Dowell, Hattie Faye  29 Dec 1904Virginia, USA I392092097480
45 Dunaway, Annie C  1872Virginia, USA I390092242548
46 Dunaway, Frank  Abt 1875Virginia, USA I390092239592
47 Dunaway, James Elliott  19 Mar 1865Virginia, USA I390092239579
48 Dunaway, Jordan  Abt 1815Virginia, USA I390092165145
49 Dunaway, Kate  Abt 1868Virginia, USA I390092239585
50 Dunaway, Mary  Abt 1866Virginia, USA I390092239582

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Rhoda  1879Virginia, USA I392041204037
2 Davenport, Mary "Polly" Elizabeth  1860Virginia, USA I6955755428
3 Dunnaway, Mary Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I6955755461
4 Hicks, Charles Mortimer Sr  24 Apr 1909Virginia, USA I6955729668
5 Kroph, Christian  Jul 1729Virginia, USA I392259469301
6 MacDorman, Anne "Nancy"  1869Virginia, USA I24026946564
7 Powhatan, Poechancanough Winanuske  1526Virginia, USA I390093425275
8 Richards, Amanda  Virginia, USA I6937323548
9 Sacra, Charles Robert  Virginia, USA I6937322147
10 Stream, Dashing  1525Virginia, USA I390093425224
11 Sullivan, Delilah "Dolly"  Bef. 1822Virginia, USA I6937365664
12 Sullivan, L. Serapta  1897Virginia, USA I24026938816
13 Turner, Eleanor Rayson  25 May 1991Virginia, USA I390056474525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Fletcher, Madison  Virginia, USA I6937212446
2 Sullivan, Francis Berryman  Virginia, USA I24026949221
3 Sullivan, Mordecia  Virginia, USA I24026938813


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Sullivan / Snowdall  1688Virginia, USA F1899