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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carr, Hannah  8 May 1690United States of America I390123448012
2 Cox, Horace Blaine  30 May 1884United States of America I392006383785
3 Cox, William Snowden  6 March 1892United States of America I392006383783
4 Cranford, Hattie  3 Sep 1911United States of America I392012625445
5 Crockett, William  1748United States of America I392016073573
6 Dorsey, Herman Franklin  11 Oct 1910United States of America I392006383243
7 Dyer, John Sr  1710United States of America I392035633740
8 Epperson, Hannah  1756United States of America I392033528213
9 Fletcher, Joseph Michael "Skip"  16 Sep 1948United States of America I392033860205
10 Fletcher, Robert Kemper "Kemp"  9 Nov 1907United States of America I392031330805
11 Foster, Jesse  2 Jun 1831United States of America I392028780159
12 Freeman, David  26 Aug 1789United States of America I392033528809
13 Freeman, William  1754United States of America I392033528448
14 Haworth, Rachel  1724United States of America I390163812513
15 Mashburn, Berry Richard "Henry"  18 Feb 1897United States of America I390090263398
16 Mastin, Sarah "Sally"  1802United States of America I392368215555
17 Moore, Gloria Barber  21 Jan 1924United States of America I392033723375
18 Stephens, Sarah  1756United States of America I392075204417
19 Vernon, Mary Ann Elizabeth Jones  10 Nov 1853United States of America I392240579121


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Frances,  1720United States of America I392086151104
2 Cox, Horace Blaine  16 February 1964United States of America I392006383785
3 Epperson, Hannah  15 Nov 1836United States of America I392033528213
4 Fletcher, Robert Kemper "Kemp"  2 Sep 1987United States of America I392031330805
5 Ford, Ann  13 Aug 1803United States of America I392028833296
6 Freeman, David  2 Dec 1885United States of America I392033528809
7 Freeman, William  2 Aug 1829United States of America I392033528448
8 Grubb, Martha Jane Rebecca  26 Apr 1958United States of America I392201670160
9 Leonard, Johann Philip  1820United States of America I390109128193
10 LePere, Peter  24 January 1954United States of America I390177509398
11 Smith, Mary  1745United States of America I392234959399
12 Spraker, Nancy  23 Jan 1882United States of America I392029212852
13 Stephens, Sarah  1808United States of America I392075204417
14 Sullivan, Heston R  13 Nov 1948United States of America I390114861600
15 Sullivan, John Linwood "Roy" Sr  9 Oct 2011United States of America I392006790420
16 Vernon, Calvin Clayton  27 Jan 1997United States of America I392240579127
17 Vernon, Mary Ann Elizabeth Jones  10 Feb 1936United States of America I392240579121
18 Waugh, Norval Earl  23 April 2011United States of America I390173349751