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Spotsylvania County, Virginia



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Julia Teresa  14 Jun 1909Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392357398487
2 Fletcher, Lorena Bertha "Rena"  04 Apr 1890Spotsylvania County, Virginia I6956987383
3 Fletcher, Margaret Virginia "Maggie"  25 Nov 1857Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392177284474
4 Lumsden, Thomas Henry  1817 Nov 12Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24889384211
5 Mastin, Benjamin Lee  24 Jun 1817Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392027894368
6 Peacher, Serena  13 Aug 1817Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24889383751
7 Sullivan, Elsie Orean  08 Oct 1924Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062484
8 Sullivan, Garline Virginia  14 Feb 1911Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24890077567
9 Sullivan, Leona True  15 Jan 1917Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062479
10 Sullivan, Lorenzo Thomas "Ramsey"  05 Jan 1876Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24890105826
11 Sullivan, Louise Bertha  04 May 1909Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24890077808
12 Sullivan, Patrick James  03 Nov 1907Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24890105827
13 Sullivan, Quentes Earl  09 Dec 1914Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062478
14 Sullivan, Ralph Mason  13 Feb 1919Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062480
15 Sullivan, Viola Edna "Patsy"  30 Dec 1912Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062477
16 Sullivan, Warren Hankins  26 Mar 1921Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062482
17 Talley, Irene Elizabeth  1909 Jan 15Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392372841802
18 Wallace, Emma Kathleen  15 Jun 1918Spotsylvania County, Virginia I6962051080


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Charles Edward  6 Dec 1995Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392315317188
2 Curtis, Julia Teresa  7 Jul 1974Spotsylvania County, Virginia  I392357398487
3 Knight, Maggie May  1978 Oct 12Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392346131119
4 Mathews, Susannah  1842 Jun 30Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392025080764
5 Peacher, Serena  16 Apr 1871Spotsylvania County, Virginia I24889383751
6 Sullivan, George Franklin "Frank"  20 Feb 1931Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392012462259
7 Sullivan, Leona True  25 Nov 2001Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062479
8 Sullivan, Ralph Mason  31 Dec 1920Spotsylvania County, Virginia I390037062480
9 Wheeler, Ella E  1923 Dec 17Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392093751860
10 Wheeler, Koskinsco Cosco "Sonk"  1939 Dec 10Spotsylvania County, Virginia I392093750558