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Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nancy Ann  Abt 1820Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392033794097
2 Chewning, Alice Faye  7 Jan 1945Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392236641293
3 Cox Sexton, Calvin Ray "Sonny"  25 Sep 1933Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392027171885
4 Fletcher, Ashton Venable "Jim" Sr.  4 Aug 1922Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6936013148
5 Fletcher, Charles Mason  16 Nov 1932Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390098750970
6 Fletcher, Ellena Elizabeth  1 Apr 1925Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6955709286
7 Fletcher, Elmer Mason  3 Oct 1925Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6937202896
8 Fletcher, Erlene Marie  19 May 1929Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6936013151
9 Fletcher, Shirley Layman  12 Mar 1917Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6936013153
10 Fletcher, Thornton Lenwood  27 Sep 1886Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6936013146
11 Hatchel, Charles Clarences  12 May 1935Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6956799619
12 Hicks, Adra Oleta  10 Sep 1930Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6935952895
13 Hicks, Janice Anita  30 Sep 1937Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6935952908
14 Hicks, John Robert  4 Jun 1841Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392198259984
15 Howard, Frances "Fanny"  Abt 1798Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I24027895597
16 Huston, Clara Christiana  27 Oct 1887Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6957301487
17 Mastin, William  Abt 1788Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392210993395
18 Parker, John F  1838Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392017861983
19 Peacher, Marina "Mariah"  12 Mar 1830Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390169988891
20 Sorrell, John Robert Sr.  Abt 1795Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390100830627
21 Sullivan, Delia  1824Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I24027896744
22 Sullivan, Franklin Roosevelt  28 Apr 1933Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392357386030
23 Sullivan, Harriet  1820Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I24027896745
24 Sullivan, Theodore Homer  2 Apr 1928Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390067139085
25 Wallace, Gladys Irene  15 Jan 1928Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6956863897
26 Wheeler, John Lemuel  May 1842Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392356622785
27 Wheeler, John Lemuel  May 1842Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392356622815
28 Wheeler, Sarah Etta  Mar 1829Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392093925538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Nancy Ann  Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392033794097
2 Almond, Beauregard Hampton  27 Feb 1934Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392006804145
3 Barnes, Alice Flora  26 Aug 1955Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392063911870
4 Cox, Sarah Isabell  30 May 1934Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392049220171
5 Dunaway, Elizabeth "Bettie"  9 Nov 1926Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I24895126774
6 Dunaway, Sarah Jane "Sally"  10 Apr 1874Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I6955755432
7 Haney, Jeremiah Thomas "Jerry"  22 Mar 1936Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392017856617
8 Hicks, John James  1793Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392168223647
9 Hicks, Mary E  21 Jan 1965Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390090227793
10 Hicks, Mary J.  25 Aug 1891Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390092165602
11 Hicks, Robert Lafayette "Bob"  13 Jul 1936Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392192987656
12 Johnson, Emily  25 Jul 1914Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392312234925
13 Mastin, William  Dec 1854Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392210993395
14 Parker, John F  30 Jun 1894Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392017861983
15 Sorrell, John Robert Sr.  07 Aug 1878Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I390100830627
16 Spindle, Virginia Dawson  Aft 1910Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392344092096
17 Sullivan, Wiley  Oct 1857Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I24026946719
18 Wheeler, Sarah Etta  19 Jan 1922Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392093925538
19 Williamson, Samuel Estes  28 Aug 1949Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA I392017946797


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Dunaway / Knight  09 Jan 1834Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA F387
2 Hicks / Davenport  23 Feb 1809Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA F2427
3 Sorrell / Bell  02 Dec 1818Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA F2113
4 Thompson / Fletcher  17 Sep 1960Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA F197
5 Wolfrey / Fletcher  3 Apr 1944Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA F847